Paying it forward (KARMA BABY!)

I just quit MU ONLINE, the online RPG game I have been playing for a week or so.

When I started, I gained a few levels... Things were going slow because I didn't have any money to buy better equipment or potions. Some guy called me over (seeing that I was low level) and gave me 10k zen(y). What a nice guy...

So, later on I got to about level 25 or so and was doing pretty good for myself when I found a JEWEL OF CHAOS (a very rare item) and sold it for 700k. My money problems were gone... I bought the best equipment I could wear...

Then, on my way back to town I flagged down a n00b and gave him... you guessed it, 10k.

I played for a few days and then got fairly burnt out on the game and decided to quit. About 5 minutes ago I flagged this guy down in town and asked him what level he was. He said "Level 2" so I opened a trade window with him.

I gave him 500k and my equipment (which included some BAD ASS magic find boots) - HE FREAKED. Then he thanked me profusely... Then said "I can't wear any of this stuff" (He was too low level)

So I replied "You will be able to someday son... *pats on head*" and logged off... then uninstalled the game.

Now, you are saying "Why didn't I just give him my account?" well - dammit I dumped a week into that game to get where I was... he can too!

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