[x]RIP Drew Hayes.

Received from Sirius Entertainment, Inc

"Sirius Entertainment is saddened to report that Drew Hayes, the maverick creator of POISON ELVES, has died in his hometown of Bellingham, Washington. Drew had a heart attack while suffering from pneumonia. He is survived by his daughter, Mary and his mother, Sharon.

Drew had been hospitalized more than once over the last several years, but his return to good health had been anticipated, so the suddenness of his passing was an unexpected shock to those that knew him. Drew was 37 years old.

Drew Hayes entered the comic book field in 1991 by self-publishing his cult-hit series, I, LUSIPHUR. Over the next four years, he published twenty issues (collected in POISON ELVES: THE MULEHIDE YEARS trade paperback), changed the series title to POISON ELVES, and became known as one of the most singular and respected voices in the self-publishing world. In a bold transition, Hayes brought POISON ELVES under the Sirius Entertainment banner, where his creative freedom remained wholly intact. The last completed issue of the on-going series was issue #79, published by Sirius in September of 2004. Hayes’ total output has surpassed 100 issues, many of which are collected in the ten POISON ELVES trade paperbacks."


I don't really know what to say. POISON ELVES was one of my favorite comics, and has been sorely missed these last few years.

I met Drew a few (well more than a few) years ago at one of the local cons. Even though he was a pretty imposing figure, he was a very nice person. We talked to him for over an hour, and he was willing to sign everything.

What I really appreciated most about his work was his ability to translate emotion into his art and story. I can really relate to that.

You will be missed man. :(


[x]the fading inevitable.

my biggest fear
is having my voice lost
in the throes
of your adoration

your ability
to intoxify me into clarity
makes it strange that your desire
is exchanged for my own

this tunnel vision
so narrow a focus
if only you would hang on my every word
as i hang on your every breath

go ahead and deny the spark
because we both saw the fuse lit
seperate in facing
the slow burn of the fading inevitable


[x]this is going to hurt eventually.

Relevant - "Breathe You In" by Thousand Foot Krutch

Sometimes the words just cut themselves out of me... To the point that on the way home I couldn't stop putting these together.

when the quest was over
we sat opposites
and as she talked it saddened me
my words were coming out of her mouth

to really think about it
my neutrality
lets me take her sacrifice in stride

crushing to sit there
not knowing whether it was the ghost or the girl
given a rare second chance
to make amends before the end

something hanging over me in the air
and now it's a coincidence
that when this winter ends
it no longer hurts to breathe


[x]Blown out again

Relevant - "Open Your Eyes" by Snow Patrol

Every minute from this minute now
We can do what we like anywhere
I want so much to open your eyes
'Cause I need you to look into mine

This is the third year I have worked the MetroTimes blowout. Same as always I feel a bit hung over still. Not from drinking really, more like social and environmental exposure. It has become my coming-out-of-hibernation yearly event. It was alot of fun.

I will note that I was dreading to see her there, but it turned out to be the most fun I have had in a very long time.

Actually, this last week was great in many ways. I got to see 300 early (sidenote - this is now one of my favorite movies)...

Once again - one liner notes:

1. Do not betray my trust because it was convenient at the time.
2. Boop. Beep.
3. What is the brand of your vagrancy?
4. Didn't get to see the end of Logan's Run.
5. Trying to figure out if it is the ghost or the girl.
6. Blueberry pancakes.


[x]Run and Relevance.

Relevant - "Run" by Snow Patrol

Have heart my dear
We're bound to be afraid
Even if it's just for a few days
Making up for all this mess

I've been listening to this song a ton lately. I think it has gotten up there with "3 libras" by A Perfect Circle as one of my favorite songs. I really like it when it kicks in at the end... Just beautiful.

... Here are few things that some of you might find relevant.

1. I don't play games. Ever.
2. The juice is not worth the squeeze.
3. Overwhelming flaws to the forefront, so much so you might as well not even try to look past them.
4. Pick yourself up, John.
5. What was it? An old soul is not what the doctor ordered. I'm just trying to make up for all the time I spent in a coma.

300 in 5 days. About fucking time.