[x] Dream With Me.

She stepped into my life as if out of a dream

As if the conversation started long before we met

Like I manifested her into being

Or made her in a lab


I was so blindsided by her depth

I got so hopelessly lost in her that I would panic

Like holding astatine in my hands

Scared that this delicate dream could break at any time


She insisted she wasn’t at all perfect

But she was perfect for me

Both of our hearts dipped darkly in ink

Even though we were individually complex – WE were simple


Our calendars never really lined up – but we did the best we could with what we had

I swear time would stop when we were in sync

And I just wanted to live in those moments forever

So happy I could just die in any of of them as long as she was there


She said – “Wanna dream with me?”


She dreamed of travel

So I got my passport

She dreamed of Victorian houses

So I got us a list of them to look at

She liked to lay on the grass in the sun

So I got us a big blanket


I hope that I bought her enough small baubles to remind her of me

Maybe she’ll look at them and I can still make her smile someday

Even though all she left me with was dreams of her -

I hope that one day she’ll dream of me in return


Even while the present was destined to fail us

I fell in love with a future that was never meant to be

I can’t fault her for why she can’t be with me

But more than anything - I just want her to stay warm


She was just here – on my couch

She was just here in my arms

She was just here in my heart

Now all we can be – are the dreams we had


How do you move on from someone that is one of one?

Companion song - "Only" by Ry X

I was only falling in love...