Well everyone... It's time to say goodbye.

I want to thank everyone who has visited the site over the past 5+ years.

There are some asking me why I am shutting down the site... well there is a multitude of reasons, but basically it boils down to this:

I just don't need it anymore.

This journal has been for me (most of the time) to help me sort alot of things out. This whole thing has been one big long chapter of my life, and now it is time to close up shop and move on.

So where do I go from here?

Over the past day or so I have been kicking around a few ideas. I was thinking about starting a journal anonymously, unlinked and related to deadpixel.org. I will miss writing here for my friends and strangers to read, however I have had to censor myself from time to time, and I no longer wish to do so if am to continue writing.

I thought about turning this site into something else, more of a social commentary than personal...

I know I will be taking January off from any sort of web publishing... It doesn't necessarily mean I am going to stop writing... just not here.

However, absence makes the heart grow fonder... So who knows. I don't want to run a page that I never post to or just let sit there in someone's bookmarks needlessly.

(Which in truth it has become over the past few months)

So again, thank you.

[x]Prelude to an epilogue.

This should be the final entry...

IF YOU ARE GOING TO PRESS PLAY - "Disappearing World" by David Gray


JANUARY - I guess things started off well (Beth) then just kind of ended. "Oh the games we play" and "Go pistons", Japanese Horror Film Festival at my house... by myself.
FEBRUARY - 5th annual SPA (single person awareness) day, buh-bye Beth. Hit level 60 in World of Warcraft. Deja vu, all over again.
MARCH - Laid off! Metrotimes BLOWOUT (internship began), The SIGHTS are awesome, Florida.
APRIL - Self-delusion, Straylight run concert.
MAY - New NIN album, kill onyxia for the first time, Episode III has a GREAT ending
JUNE - Too much to say (so I don't write anything)
JULY - where am I?
AUGUST - Got into INTERPOL, Preseason Lions game with my dad, Really looking forward to football (turned out they sucked)
SEPTEMBER - Work began on my first book (on hiatus) - redesigned my site... built a new computer. I join myspace. Turn a corner in my life. Quit dnd after 7+ years.
OCTOBER - Ben & Meg's wedding, Lonely and LOST, I "save someone's life"
NOVEMBER - I beat depression and get totally wasted at my birthday party, Noel moves to Florida :(
DECEMBER - Decide to shut down www.deadpixel.org, xmas is good to me! Forced myself through all the HARRY POTTER movies (where previously I had been king naysayer) Saw lots of good movies like Munich.


1. Be healthier - It started off really well with the time I had off of work... However once the full schedule kicked in I found my freetime severely reduced... I gave up pop though!

2. Find peace - It took a very stressful stretch, but finally I looked around and decided that my life isn't that bad. I found alot of peace since then.

3. Be happy - Whatever comes before happiness (anxiousness?) - i'm there.

4. Be a good Son/Brother/Uncle/Grandson - Living 30 minutes away from everyone made this hard, but I did my best. Wrote my dad a letter, coming clean on how I felt about him (in a good way) - made him cry.

5. Do NOT let WoW ruin my life - Probably played more than I should have... but it didn't ruin me :)

6. Write more journal/poetry - I wrote alot in the first few months... but over the course of rest of the year I ran out of things to say... I guess that straightening your life out isn't as exciting as being sad or delusional.

I still just want a little peace and a little lovin. God help the katrina victims and still praying for all the Matt Lacki's overseas. Everyone be safe and love one another.


[x]closing time.

I could think of some clever intro or something, but I might as well get to it.

www.deadpixel.org - as we know it... will be closing in 18 days. December 31st, when I post my year in review, will be it.