[x]Prelude to an epilogue.

This should be the final entry...

IF YOU ARE GOING TO PRESS PLAY - "Disappearing World" by David Gray


JANUARY - I guess things started off well (Beth) then just kind of ended. "Oh the games we play" and "Go pistons", Japanese Horror Film Festival at my house... by myself.
FEBRUARY - 5th annual SPA (single person awareness) day, buh-bye Beth. Hit level 60 in World of Warcraft. Deja vu, all over again.
MARCH - Laid off! Metrotimes BLOWOUT (internship began), The SIGHTS are awesome, Florida.
APRIL - Self-delusion, Straylight run concert.
MAY - New NIN album, kill onyxia for the first time, Episode III has a GREAT ending
JUNE - Too much to say (so I don't write anything)
JULY - where am I?
AUGUST - Got into INTERPOL, Preseason Lions game with my dad, Really looking forward to football (turned out they sucked)
SEPTEMBER - Work began on my first book (on hiatus) - redesigned my site... built a new computer. I join myspace. Turn a corner in my life. Quit dnd after 7+ years.
OCTOBER - Ben & Meg's wedding, Lonely and LOST, I "save someone's life"
NOVEMBER - I beat depression and get totally wasted at my birthday party, Noel moves to Florida :(
DECEMBER - Decide to shut down www.deadpixel.org, xmas is good to me! Forced myself through all the HARRY POTTER movies (where previously I had been king naysayer) Saw lots of good movies like Munich.


1. Be healthier - It started off really well with the time I had off of work... However once the full schedule kicked in I found my freetime severely reduced... I gave up pop though!

2. Find peace - It took a very stressful stretch, but finally I looked around and decided that my life isn't that bad. I found alot of peace since then.

3. Be happy - Whatever comes before happiness (anxiousness?) - i'm there.

4. Be a good Son/Brother/Uncle/Grandson - Living 30 minutes away from everyone made this hard, but I did my best. Wrote my dad a letter, coming clean on how I felt about him (in a good way) - made him cry.

5. Do NOT let WoW ruin my life - Probably played more than I should have... but it didn't ruin me :)

6. Write more journal/poetry - I wrote alot in the first few months... but over the course of rest of the year I ran out of things to say... I guess that straightening your life out isn't as exciting as being sad or delusional.

I still just want a little peace and a little lovin. God help the katrina victims and still praying for all the Matt Lacki's overseas. Everyone be safe and love one another.

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