[x]my green eyes.

the distance i seemingly create
in this shoving match
the comfort exudes acceptance
which scares me
i'm afraid you'll notice
that i've never moved from this spot
i am hardwired against such closeness
yet here i am
when we are so near
you wash over me like flame every time
oh, the terror in my heart
that in this light
you can see how green my eyes truly are


[x]teflon girl, bomb shelter girl.

teflon girl, bomb shelter girl
practice makes perfect
so take cover again
and I will take my leave
no longer to be sullied by your caste
mercifully escaping your station
the distance and time and retrospect
puts me outside of the blast radius
fare thee well, my love
you are no longer my walking ground zero
go be someone else's


[x]feign villainy.

every single letter
calculated and measured
with every single word
I feign villainy
in every move
in all of this deceptive honesty
i cry wolf
in plain double meanings
my viciousness
brought to bear

[x]muted red.

the muted trail
tiny dots of red
oh, the state you left me in
and here i am
still leaving the wound open
refusing to let you become
just another scar


[x]the light in her.

there is a light in her
forgotten by the shade in me
a warmth to my coldness
as typically aligned
the circumstance random
and the timing to be desired
story of my life
a shame
that i only have to offer
my humble number 9


[x]sidestep parallel

slashed and burned in her advance
my retreat leaves me nothing
all i can do is sidestep
as we run in parallels
a caged animal
pacing back and forth
trying at all costs
to avoid backpeddling into oblivion


[x] Drawing you out.

From almost forever away
I feel your thoughts flicker like a siren
and I wonder
if you feel mine in return
there is danger even in caution
do I dare
try to draw you out?