[x]slow down baby keep your eyes on the road...

Relevant - "Written in Blood" by She Wants Revenge (This is forever)

You taste like tear stains and coulda beens
-but I love a good train wreck
Your hair balled up inside my fist
You tell me don't get too attached
-like this is just entertainment



Not sure if anyone noticed, but my site was down for the better part of 48 hours earlier this week...

I have my site though joker.com and the contact they have for me is an @yahoo.com email address... which I never check anymore. (The account actually went inactive and I lost all of my old emails) - so booooooo on you yahoo. The contact email I have for being the owner of the domain is even older - and @home.com email address that I haven't used in years.

So, happy birthday www.deadpixel.org!

The site is renewed for another 2 years. Also I have upgraded the hosting site and with the new storage space I am hoping to maybe rework some of the site.

Seven years. Even though I have less to see these days, when the site was down I realized how much it means to me. I have to have that outlet even if there isn't anyone out there reading it.