The PASSION of the bronto.

If you are going to press play - "Grazed Knees" by SNOW PATROL.
Well, it is the end of August and that means anniversary time.

Happy birth day to www.deadpixel.org! I cannot believe that it has been 4 years since I opened this site... and things are going strong.

It has been 9 months since New Year's with Kelly... and all that has crashed and burned since. Oh well. YMO is my new philosophy.


Things are going well. I started my ONE class last thursday and it is going well. It is nice to be back in the system - I have WAY more credits than I thought I had and in the next week or two I am going to meet with an student advisor to see what I can do with them.

Skype is a really cool (and free) VOIP program. Think Aol instant messenger + free phone calls. Moonkhan and I tested it out earlier tonight and the sound quality is crystal clear.

Lately I have noticed a shift in my personality. Basically I realized that in some ways I willfully give someone a level of control over me. After everything that has happened between Margarita, Kelly, and I - (and all aspects within... heh) it has occured to me that I let women dominate my subconcious.

No more. I am a very fair person. Okay... I try to be a fair person. However the person that I am mostly unfair to is myself.

That is all going to change.


Promises, Promises...

Big end-of-August update coming...


200+ dollars later...



Aliens VS. Predator (and other children's tales).

When I walked out of the movie, I said one thing...

"That... that DIDN'T suck"

AVP wasn't bad... I was really suprised, expecting... hell HOPING for it to be awful.

There are a few things I would have done differently (Breaking the 11th commandment *thou shalt not ruin the cinema experience*) - possible spoilers follow:

1. Lance Henrikson should have been a more overbearing presence in the movie. It would have worked better if he would have known SOMETHING about perhaps the predators and gone after them and their technology (Like Paul Riser in Aliens, or Gary Busey in Predator 2 *shudder*)... He wouldn't share this info with the archeologists until it was too late. Perhaps he was privy to the events that occured in P1 and P2.

2. Bishop gets a crack team of the baddest ass marines posing as a normal "Security force" bent on taking on whatever they find, unknown to:

3. He should have recruited a excavation team because he had the guns, but not the know-how of deciphering the ruins, etc. (That and he needed fodder)

4. So now that you have the hostile corporation wanting nothing more than the technology... They get into the pyramid and basically tell the excavation team to piss off. He "Knows what he is doing" and starts pushing buttons (Such as setting the temple to the current date) and then all hell breaks loose as the aliens were freed.

5. Speaking of which... more time should have passed between the eggs being hatched and the facehuggers embedding aliens into the people trapped in the sacrificial chamber. It seemed to quick to have full grown aliens running around.

6. If they are going to do the whole "Badass chick who becomes a predator" thing - they should have had some... BADASS CHICK. Not some whiny survivalist. She could have been from the crack team... Or just some girl who knows how to handle herself.

7. TOO MANY COLORS. The reason why Alien, Aliens, and Predator worked so well was the LACK of colors. In A1 and A2, there were just drab colors, soft lights, etc. In P1 there was lush jungle with greens and dark colors. Take out the colors! That way it means more when you see predator blood or just blood in general.

Ah well, I will buy it when it comes out but they could have gone another way with some things.


This week's To Do list.

1. Register to vote.
2. Register for classes (HFCC or WSU).
3. Beat doom 3.
4. Get car charger for phone. (Check)
5. Watch Kill Bill 2 before Tuesday, otherwise buying it early was pointless. (Check)
6. Buy Goodfellas SE dvd this weekend. (Check)
7. Get 2 UV IDE cables for my computer, also get 2 more UV cathodes. (Check)
8. Buy boxers (damn boxer gnomes).
9. Buy Ironclad work gloves. (Check)
10. Figure out what I am going to do with my vacation the NEXT weekend (19-21).


A slightly intoxicated moment of reflection.

I know that it's time
to shake the stars from my eyes
but I like how they are
when I look at myself in the mirror

I see you
after I've pulled all of the plugs
My head telling me that I feel nothing
and my empty heart
tells me what could have been.