wishing away my invulnerability
giving away the misercord
and turning my back
to see what happens
wearing flawless armor
isn't worth it anymore

closing time
for the graveyard
where all have died to get in
and my heart died to stay in
to stay safe
alone and king
every subject a ghost
and every tombstone a thorn

existing only in the past and the present
eliminates existence in the future
walking backwards
looking over your shoulder
is no existence at all


[x]New computer stuff!.

Most of my new computer stuff (except hard drive coming monday) has arrived.

Installing now... see you soon.


[x]2 week overload.

dig deep enough in the past
and you will find it
the bodies are still there
the skeletons in the closets are there
dig deep enough
and you will find everything how you left it
all of the highs are gone
nothing left
but pain
right where you left it

[x]9/11 again.

Song of the moment - "Wake me up when September ends" by Green Day (American Idiot)

I don't have alot to say this year. September 11th will always be a day of sadness for me, and this site will ALWAYS pay tribute to the victims for the following week.

It still hurts to think about it, really. We live in a different world now because of what happened 4 years ago.


[x]5 years (the more things change the more they stay the same)

I forgot to post on my 5 year anniversary.

www.deadpixel.org was launched in August of 2000.

5 years... damn...

[x]graphic draft #1.


For a variety of reasons, I have joined MYSPACE.COM - here is the link!


I will probably shadow my journal entries over there...


[x]Book Title.

I am working on my first poetry book. I have two titles in mind.

Title #1 - "Girls named M." (original title)

Title #2 - "A wound before armor" (leaning towards)

I know the graphic I am going to use for the cover.


[x]Patch notes!

There has been a minor site redesign.

Basically the comments engine and the archive have been streamlined, something that actually works now! :)