[x]what's another word for....

The breath gone my from my lungs
the vacuum of a reverse pandora's box
in these days
I am a little long on faith
but a little short on hope


[x]confessions of a caffeine addict.

This time it may actually stick. I have given up pop (or SODA) as they refer to it down here. Here is what I have gone through in the past two weeks, in order. Yes, this list reads like a crack addict, but you must understand I have been drinking pop as far back as I can remember.

1. *Rampant* Insomnia

2. Migraines

3. Cold sweats

4. Inability to focus

5. Shakes

6. Depression

So, it's been all water, milk, orange/apple juice, and lemonade for me. I have been taking my multivitamin every day, and trying to prepare food rather than grab something fast.

I think I am coming out of the other end of it though, right now it's more of a head cold than anything.

Hopefully soon I will be getting a gym membership locally so I can start working out and exercising on a somewhat consistent basis. I'm 29 and I really need to start taking care of myself. Diabetes scares me, and the history of heart problems in my family does as well. Plus, it would be nice to get into more of a routine. Some days it seems as though I have sprawling endless hours of freetime, and others it seems as though I can barely take a moment for myself.

Unlike my old job, which beat me down mentally every day as well as physically - this one is a completely mental. I don't have the benefit of physical labor's side effect of excercise. I need to peel some pounds.

For what it's worth, I do feel better.