[x] The Ghost and The Siren

(A tale of adoration and gratitude)


I was all but content in my tunnel vision

To be lost in loss and adrift in this abyss

When a reverse siren pulled me out and into her light

Rescuing me to the point of making me want to save myself


I just wish I had met her before my heart had failed me so

Before I let the darkness take me

Back when I could shed my skin

Back before my love had become so Goddamned doomed


Now I haunt this girl of many places

Enthralled by the wildness in her spirit

Watching every single day as she becomes more exceptional

While I grow domesticated and mundane


I am a wise man made but a fool

In the space of her presence and glow

Stammering my words and gestures

In a vain attempt to simply stay in her graces


How can I be sad in a world in which she exists?

Even though I know she’ll never be mine

I’m still better every day that my muse bothers to accept my affections

Just happy to be smitten and other words I never thought I would need again


My siren haunted me in a million places

Even before I knew her name

And now that I do - my favorite thing in the world right now

Is the fact that she knows mine as well 

Notes - Art - "Siren's Song" by https://www.leviathanartworks.com/ (Flipped)

Companion Song - "Even Though Our Love Is Doomed" By Garbage - Album - Strange Little Birds