[x]project morningstar.

I guess that is a tentative title.

I am writing a story about the war in heaven between the factions of angels. I guess angels are something I have always been fascinated by.

Scratch that - I have WRITTEN the story. The plot and ending are done. Right now I am working on cleaning up the order of events. I will say this - it pretty much wrote itself (2 days) and, damn is it sweet.

What I need help with is the dialogue. Robbie was a great help brainstorming, and now I need someone with writing know-how to collaborate with. Joe's on board to oversee and help out further too (as much as his schedule will allow).

No kool-aid drinkers though. Apply to deadpixel@gmail.com



What is wrong with me lately? Everything seems so BLAH. Emotionally, physically, mentally... blah, blah, and blah.

What is keeping me off balance? I have been trying to write, and I felt as though I was on the verge of something...

Then nothing.


[x]a shot heard.

it took breaking you
to realize i may be in love
because it hurt to watch you cry
our caution
became an emotional shoving match
with our hearts
covered in barb wire.


[x]Buncha savages in this town.

So, I have my car for JUST UNDER 2 MONTHS and some person HAS to damage it. Ah well, it's not too bad, just a scratch along the front and back driver side door.

At first when I noticed it, I thought someone had keyed my car. With special effects you would have seen my eyes go red and a cloud of obscenities appear in some huge cartoon thought bubble.

Alas, no budget for that kind of thing.

With closer inspection, it appeared someone had rubbed up against my car with their mirror, or maybe someone caught it riding a bike or something. There was a split second of being upset, then the "it's just stuff" kicked in. Obviously it's a brand new car and fully covered, so it's more of a minor inconvenience than anything.

There was no note, no insurance info... nothing. The culprit gets away.... OR DO THEY? I mean, FFS my car's name is DAMIEN. It would be horrible for them to spontaneously combust or get into some other random "accident" like in the OMEN movies. I mean, these things happen.

Ah well, whatever. I dropped it off this morning to be fixed, and got a rental (not really fond of my Jeep Grand Cherokee) - will be getting my baby back on monday.



at the end we will all be martyrs
in our causes
a divine tragedy
i'm ready to take a leap of faith
just show me where to jump


[x]6 years!

This one almost slipped by me but www.deadpixel.org has been online for 6 years (with a few breaks from time to time).

How will we celebrate? I will NOT be standing outside of a former flame's house holding a boombox blaring "Peaches" by The Presidents of the United States, wearing an overcoat A LA John Cusack in SAY ANYTHING. Oh no. (sorry, daydream gone awry)

Well, it's a million degrees outside (was out in it all day) so any sort of outdoor activity is out.

I think I am going to relax, kick back in the central air and be happy.

With my site, people have come and gone (sometimes more than once) and things have changed... Speaking of, I am much better off then I was back then. What has really set in is that I am still here. Still here and still writing.

Future plans? I really need to update my other sections and maybe add or bring back some... Haven't really done so in over a year. I would really like to keep this profound streak going (nice to have something meaningful to say)

So, to you, my readers... I want to say thanks for indulging me. I don't really get alot of feedback anymore but I know you are out there. *hint* God bless.