[x]6 years!

This one almost slipped by me but www.deadpixel.org has been online for 6 years (with a few breaks from time to time).

How will we celebrate? I will NOT be standing outside of a former flame's house holding a boombox blaring "Peaches" by The Presidents of the United States, wearing an overcoat A LA John Cusack in SAY ANYTHING. Oh no. (sorry, daydream gone awry)

Well, it's a million degrees outside (was out in it all day) so any sort of outdoor activity is out.

I think I am going to relax, kick back in the central air and be happy.

With my site, people have come and gone (sometimes more than once) and things have changed... Speaking of, I am much better off then I was back then. What has really set in is that I am still here. Still here and still writing.

Future plans? I really need to update my other sections and maybe add or bring back some... Haven't really done so in over a year. I would really like to keep this profound streak going (nice to have something meaningful to say)

So, to you, my readers... I want to say thanks for indulging me. I don't really get alot of feedback anymore but I know you are out there. *hint* God bless.

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  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Okay, feedback:

    You should have dressed in a matching outfit and taken a parody picture of that and posted said picture in your blog. THAT would have been cool.