[x] Terms

The middle of the alphabet part 3 - Terms

we were fated to say hello
and even from the beginning  - 
i've always known more than i've let on
because there was simply something about this girl
one thing we had in common
was our fear that maybe, just maybe
we had been out of the world too long
and parts of us had atrophied
i wish i could've given up part of myself to help you
but i can't fix anything in you with the broken parts of me
i just tried to be the friend you wanted me to be
while never apologizing for my attraction
the few times her reservations fell
she would all of a sudden be so alive like a phoenix
and being enthralled as i was
i suppose it was inevitable that i was to get burned
i never fell in love with her
yet loved the way she loved things
the rare passion and fire in her
the few times she would let herself feel alive with me
that night i could have listened to her sing forever
just listening to her voice, lost in her descriptions
in that moment she was the most beautiful girl in the world
and i was the most doomed man on the planet
so i kissed her because it needed to happen
because she had it coming
and in that smallest perfection
even when she kissed me back i was never led astray
this kiss was the one and only thing i ever took for myself
in our short and entire history
and what to me was a ripple, was to her a wave
bringing us to this impasse
i'm not going to apologize for getting caught up in the moment
and whatever has changed with you - i've held my course
all of this was meant to happen 
even when we are now fated so say goodbye