[x]No Better.

we are fallen
yet angels just the same
we atone
by justifying our transgressions
galvanized by pain
yet strip mined by guilt
no better
than the ones who stole our grace

[x]Interchangeable Alibis.

In the past
there is no opportunity
only certainty
present purgatory
and the future
paved in the blocks of time
in these interchangeable alibis
I cannot remember to forgive you


[x]cipher horizon.

how can you not see it?
it's all there
my whole life on display
i lie in wait
but cannot lie just the same
single truth is nothing more
than looking between the lines
of my delicate horizon
waiting to be undone
by the simplest of ciphers


[x]How To Destroy Muses.

the difference thin
between stricken and smitten
to this day
i can feel the blackness on my heart
as your poison
still courses it's way through my veins
seems all i can do is wait
until it breaks
this opposite of a fever in me