I saw the vibration in her soul
before I even knew her name
Of all the birds that were in my sky 
it was her assertion that made her prominent

As much as I like the idea of her being a pet
she is not one to be kept
Though it hurts me to see her caged
it might pain me worse to see her freed

I appreciate how delicate 
she is in my hands
While never letting her catch me
looking at her perch

Even in the the midst of being victims
of each other's cycles
There are fleeting moments 
where she's almost mine

So what am I to do 
when I'm not sure my heart is beating any more 
But I'm pretty convinced
hers could beat fast enough for the both of us

I like to think I'm clever
in the way I scatter my words
She just has a way of drawing it out of me
while I'm just trying not to get any ink on her