Tigers just lost :(

Oh well, it was a great run. St. Louis just outplayed us, so congrats to them.

Hopefully we can make some adjustments and be back next october.

[x]If this song and lyrics apply to you, then apply yourself to me.

Relevant - "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry

Not literally, though... No more crazy bitches for the brontizzle.

AkA Dr. McSteamy-er... More on that later.



Think about this... Who in your life is expendable?

More on that later.


[x]Tigers win ALCS!.

Wow, last night was amazing. Maggs hit that shot in the bottom of the 9th and I think this area went crazy.

World series bound now, baby.

Oh, btw... I want to point out that cnn.com and espn.com were picking the A's to win. Cnn.com said "A's in six"... my ass.

Try tigers in a 4 game sweep.




[x]Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, GOODBYE!!!!!.

Middle 8th, Tigers 8, SPANKED 1.

Yankees only have one more at-bat.


Top of the 7th.

Tigers 8, yankees 0


[x]Tigers vs. spankees.

Right now it is the 4th inning and the tigers are SPANKING the yankees.



[x]With recluse abandon.

Where is this self-empowerment coming from?


[x]Joseph Arthur.

Relevant - "Breathe Through" by Annie Stela (there is a story here)
Relevant - "When I was running out of time" by Joseph Arthur (nuclear daydream)

They will fill you with big ideas
They'll hang your heart in the sky
I know you want to save the world
How long have you been that high
How long have you been that high
And did you make it all go away
You know your eyes look different when you look the other way
You've got a cheating heart bleeding emeralds everyday
You are a shooting star

I saw JOSEPH ARTHUR again last night in concert. Third time I have seen him live, he was in support of his new NUCLEAR DAYDREAM album (which is excellent).

I didn't have to, but I ended up going alone. At one point I was even considering skipping it... having a horrible day beforehand. I am glad I went-

Annie Stela was the opening act. Funny thing is, when I first saw her... she looked like Beth with blonde hair. Same height, body, features... Anyway she was amazing. Kind of a Fiona Apple/Tori Amos + more mix, but a little more poetic. I was enthralled. After her set I got to meet her, she was very nice and appreciative.

Then Joseph Arthur took the stage, this time with a full band behind him. The first two times I had seen him was more of an acoustic show. He played most of the songs on his new album (some of which I dig more having heard them live) and a few of his older stuff. The Magic Bag had A CLOCKWORK ORANGE playing on a screen behind him (which I will admit was kind of odd in some parts) but it didn't really detract from the performance.

I can't believe I had even considered missing what became one of the best shows I have ever been to - and this is what put it over.

I met him last time he played locally (last year for OUR SHADOWS WILL REMAIN) and he was really cool.

This time the merch table was swarmed, and it was really late (I think it was around 1am - had to work @ 5am the next morning) and I just wanted to say hi and tell him that I liked his new cd. I camped out in the aisle from the stage to the merch table and met up with him walking up. What I wanted to say was "Great show, man... I really like the new cd, thank you so much" but this is what came out:

"Thank you (as I shook his hand) - Thank you... (He says thanks, and I completely gush) You have helped me so much. I love you, man." and I literally almost start to cry.

He says "Thanks man, I love you too" and he hugged me. It was awesome.

So as we walked the rest of the way I told him how much I really enjoyed the show, and his new album... Then as he walked away I bid goodbye and told him I would come see his show whenever he plays around here... Then he disappeared in the swarm.

So, I completely gushed to my favorite artist. Which is embarrassing now that I think about it - but was special and blew my mind last night.

It's true. Ever since I heard "In the sun" on September 11th, 2002... His music has affected me. He sings about alot of things I can relate too - the struggle with faith, depression, lonliness... And overcoming those struggles - His music is one of the few things that saved me.

So, thank you.