THEdeadpixel: how's this for irony
KaiohX: ?
THEdeadpixel: i go to pick up these candle lighter things for my sister's wedding today
THEdeadpixel: and
THEdeadpixel: it takes me an hour for a 20 minute drive due to construction
THEdeadpixel: so i get there
THEdeadpixel: and i have no license
THEdeadpixel: so they won't let me rent them
THEdeadpixel: so i freak out, and start driving home to look for it
THEdeadpixel: with no license
THEdeadpixel: for speeding
THEdeadpixel: so
THEdeadpixel: he hooks me up with 5 over and nothing else (thank god)
THEdeadpixel: and i finally get home
THEdeadpixel: where is my license?
THEdeadpixel: in the bank withdrawel envelope where i was WITHDRAWING MONEY FOR MY SISTER AS A WEDDING GIFT
THEdeadpixel: /wrists
KaiohX: LOL


[x]smitten & levels of caution.

If you are going to press play - "Peaches" by The Presidents of the United States of America.


[x]Smiling on the inside for once.



[x]I'll sleep when I'm dead.

I have been up for 31 hours. That's not really a big deal in itself, but throw on top of that the BLOWOUT last weekend which really threw off my sleeping schedule... The combination of the two has completely wiped me out.

Went out with Jessica for the first time tonight - the THE HILLS HAVE EYES prescreen. Decent slasher flick I guess... Entertaining, but I probably won't buy it.


[x]Blown out.

Bleh. Second day hangover from the MetroTimes BLOWOUT. Saw some excellent bands (The Sights, Red Rocks, Hellen, Natives of the New Dawn, The Hard Lessons, to name a few) - Met a few of the bands.

I had a great time, the afterparty was awesome. (Still feeling drained from the whole thing).

Made some new friends. So, all in all, life is good and definately looking forward to next year.

Other than that - the only bad thing that happened was some drama with a (unsure of status) friend.


[x]Into uncharted territory.

Every path shattered glass
a reverse fork in the road
darkness behind
oh and these dangerous games I play
turning off the headlights
and stepping on the gas.