[x]Bronto wii:16 says YOU JUST GOT YOUR ASS KICKED.

Now, a wii sports update from the tennis arena!

After dropping 2 5-game sets to the 1900 and 2000 rated (highest possible difficulty) wii computer players last weekend, I have re-established my absolute dominance. Elisa and Sarah are both my bitch. My current rating is 2083, which sometimes goes*DOWN* when I *WIN*. What a bunch of malarky that is.


[x]updates long overdue.

I have updated my poetry, bio, links, and my myspace layout. Probably going to start my calendar for 2007 some time this week, and maybe move my photos over to flikr.


let me get the knives out
so i can confide in you
i was always the sin eater
absolving the wayward
but ever since i found my way
i've been lost



This past week was my first week back to work since vacation. A vacation in which I was completely bored almost the entire time. Imagine being bored for a week straight... Not fun. Especially when you need to be entertained at all times. All I did was sleep and cram my face full of junk food.

I thought I would have something to do, I thought I would just play Zelda all week, but I tired of it almost immediately. No point in playing WoW, even though I did a bit...

Then towards the end of that week I went down sick... which I am just now getting over. Work has slowed down, which is good and bad. It's not cold outside, even though it's January. Been 40 to 50's, which is crazy.

So, here I am. The sudden change in my diet (trying to eat MUCH better) has really affected me. I am trying to drink diet pop, which still has caffeine in it... still I have been a rampant insomniac for the last two weeks... Completely restless, with a soul crushing migraine that won't quit. Sure me staring at this computer screen isn't helping much either. It's winter, and there isn't much to do. Doesn't help that I'm poor, as well. Not really poor, just less rich :)

I don't know what it is. There's just something in the air. I don't know what it is but it's just THERE.

There isn't much coming up, either. I have the WoW expansion coming out a week from Tuesday, which will give me something "Constructive" to do for a few months until spring. The blowout is coming up as well, which by my observations should prove interesting.

I just cannot seem to get my head in the game lately.


[x]Happens all the time.

So yesterday evening I am flipping through the channels (I only really watch TV when a show I watch is on or if I am EXTREMELY bored) and THE LAST SAMURAI is on AMC.

Its about a quarter of the way through the movie, and Tom Cruise is getting his ass kicked in the rain by a badass samurai with a wooden sword. He keeps getting up, trying to show his captors that he too has some semblance of honor, and...


I own the dvd! The AMC transfer was a crappy fullscreen (full frame, whatever) version with a shitty video AND sound transfer. Lame.

So, I put in the dvd and watch the whole movie. Lately I have been watching my dvds on my computer. I have an awesome video card, sound card, and speaker system. I have been using my tv as my monitor for months now, which rocks.

As of this moment I have 358 dvds, yet I'll sit through parts of a movie on HBO or another channel for a good 20 minutes before it sinks in. I OWN THIS DAMN MOVIE.