[x]Patch notes.

Relevant - "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's

Well, I have decided to quit World of Warcraft. I had plans for the "Miscreant 100" where I would have gone around and killed 100 unique alliance dorks... However about 28 all of the interest for the game left me. It has been a fun 6 months, and I have accomplished a ton in the game. Now though it seems like I am putting in a lot of time without a lot of reward. Which pretty much means bumping your head on the ceiling.

So, instead of gaming, I am going to try and be a bit more constructive with my time and energy. For example, I picked up a lot of ground in WORLD WAR Z which I have been hung up on for months. Also I went and saw EAGLE VS. SHARK which is funny in the vein of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.

So in my life again - changes need to be made... They always need to be made.


[x]lost among the crowd.

Relevant - "Skym" by Underworld (Beaucoup Fish)

Do you still feed the animal?

...and I myself cannot stop. All I can do is take the noise in me and make it pretty.

i suppose, when you mean to
tipping your hand early
is better
than never showing your cards at all

the polar opposite
of our attraction
is the way
that we do not love each other

do you understand
this intersection?
the pain will be easier to deal with
than the joy

we are part of this story
and yet
different themes
and both on different pages

i've gone and done it
every further word
one way or the other

denial only prolonging the inevitable
of our prophesied honesty
one lie we aren't living
is the long truths of yesterday

this struggle
of lust and willpower
i think i am the one who is broken
and also breaking the rule
- forgive me


[x]necessary lies/unnecessary truth.

with the fuse lit
we're even more liars
it's only a matter of time
before the tone goes dark

versions of me
underwhelmed by what is
and overwhelmed
by what could have been

you wound me
every single time you leave
and i never feel so alone
as when the warmth is fading

in our own little world
we play with fire
even though it's destined
to burn everything
in our own little world
we lie

denial the only bandage
for this mortal wound
because i won't let myself believe
how deep i was cut

take my heaven
and put it in my pocket again
as i have done so many times
when honesty would destroy
this blissful grey abyss

so much never spoken
when every world does nothing
nothing but subtract from
all that we never need to say

here i am again
but this time
the cruel twist
is i can see fate coming

what am i supposed to do?
what can i even say?
i cannot see my life past you
and i am afraid


[x]from my own abyss.

I am back.

Expect the dire soon.