[x]lost among the crowd.

Relevant - "Skym" by Underworld (Beaucoup Fish)

Do you still feed the animal?

...and I myself cannot stop. All I can do is take the noise in me and make it pretty.

i suppose, when you mean to
tipping your hand early
is better
than never showing your cards at all

the polar opposite
of our attraction
is the way
that we do not love each other

do you understand
this intersection?
the pain will be easier to deal with
than the joy

we are part of this story
and yet
different themes
and both on different pages

i've gone and done it
every further word
one way or the other

denial only prolonging the inevitable
of our prophesied honesty
one lie we aren't living
is the long truths of yesterday

this struggle
of lust and willpower
i think i am the one who is broken
and also breaking the rule
- forgive me

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