[x]necessary lies/unnecessary truth.

with the fuse lit
we're even more liars
it's only a matter of time
before the tone goes dark

versions of me
underwhelmed by what is
and overwhelmed
by what could have been

you wound me
every single time you leave
and i never feel so alone
as when the warmth is fading

in our own little world
we play with fire
even though it's destined
to burn everything
in our own little world
we lie

denial the only bandage
for this mortal wound
because i won't let myself believe
how deep i was cut

take my heaven
and put it in my pocket again
as i have done so many times
when honesty would destroy
this blissful grey abyss

so much never spoken
when every world does nothing
nothing but subtract from
all that we never need to say

here i am again
but this time
the cruel twist
is i can see fate coming

what am i supposed to do?
what can i even say?
i cannot see my life past you
and i am afraid

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