[x]CPR on Ghosts.

spreading my love so thin and far
so little over so many for so long
and leaving nothing for myself
it's no wonder that i don't love anything anymore
it has been so long since i've had someone
that it's no longer about the ones that got away
it's about the ones that are left
and the one that i've pieced together
out of so many loose plot threads that refuse to end
woven together around me somehow adding up to a person
when you're so lonely
you're never too old for an imaginary friend
so i keep rearranging all of the puzzle pieces 
of the good memories
cobbled together like a frankenstein's monster
so part of them can live on
this is me breathing life into it
like performing CPR on a ghost
and screaming don't go 
don't you dare go 
don't leave me
because i need you so much - you're all that i have