[x]this is going to hurt eventually.

Relevant - "Breathe You In" by Thousand Foot Krutch

Sometimes the words just cut themselves out of me... To the point that on the way home I couldn't stop putting these together.

when the quest was over
we sat opposites
and as she talked it saddened me
my words were coming out of her mouth

to really think about it
my neutrality
lets me take her sacrifice in stride

crushing to sit there
not knowing whether it was the ghost or the girl
given a rare second chance
to make amends before the end

something hanging over me in the air
and now it's a coincidence
that when this winter ends
it no longer hurts to breathe

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  1. Jessica1:22 AM

    ..I feel like this is about me. Maybe because of the blog below it. Dont GO to FLorida ...I like you and want to see you everyday.

    I want to scream that at you now. But I dont because its selfish of me. I will move down there, that is not a joke, that is a serious move I am willing to do to prove my feelings John. Can you tell me that you dont want me John? I am not begging. Im just for once in my life fighting for something that I want. Its you. I am not perfect. I have said and done things that were wrong, but I am growing. I like you. Your nice, and funny, you get me, I get you, we have great sex, Well I think so, not sure if you feel that, but I think you do. I dont give a fuck who reads this anyway. I am writing this to you, cuz I want to speak with you, but I cant get the words right. Cant get the feeling out correctly. I want to express that I need you. I care about you. I want to hug you. I want to feel the scruff of your beard beneath my finger tips. I want to feel its coarse texture against my cheek, so then I know I am close to your lips and can kiss them.

    I want to hug you tight and feel the warmth of you body. I want to look into your eyes and stare at your hansome face.

    I want to learn more about you. I want to see more concerts with you and have more funny moments. I want to Beep Boop etc.

    I want to see you more. It kills me that I cant see you today. I am trying to find the words to console myself because I over reacted but it was justified because it was my heart speaking out.

    so much more i want to say to you but dont know when is the right time. if there is every a right time. I m doing my best to think of you and your situation. but at the same time I dont want to regret never telling you my feelings.