When did everything get so fucking lame?

Well, I am back on the diet. I am working out at 5pm. Which is great because the cabin fever is starting to set in. I am going stir crazy with nothing to do.

I am going to shave too, I promise. I have been shagging out for the past week. I look like hell.

This week look fairly promising... I have tomorrow off, and THE PASSION comes out on Wednesday. I have actually been looking forward to it for a while, and everyone else NOT wanting to see it makes me want to see it MORE. I just want to go alone, and during the day.

Besides all of that... I'm pretty pissed off right now. Ok, not pissed (I don't really ever get mad) - Severely annoyed?

So... say it with me...

Fuck the world. Fuck the naysayers. Fuck Nader.

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