I am zombie no. 4 - what's my motivation?

I have been sick all week. My allergies started acting up last week - playing hell with my sinuses... that hasn't left me it seems... I have been sick (head cold) for the past week. I didn't even work out at all. My diet has gone to hell...

Basically, I feel like shit and I don't feel like making my life any more uncomfortable (at least not this week).

It's 10pm-ish on saturday night and I am home... I have been home all day. I was originally planning on doing a few things this weekend, but NONE of them happend.

Last night, I wanted to go see sneak preview of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, but I couldn't find anyone to go with.

I was supposed to go to the DIA this morning, but I didn't go... That and I didn't go see the sneak preview of STARSKY & HUTCH - I instead stayed home and read some of THE DAVINCI CODE. - and played some video games.

All of these plans, and no one to to execute them with. I am kind of disappointed. That has been this kind of week. I really wanted to get out of the house, but all I did was play video games. That is getting old too I guess with all of my accomplishments.

I beat HALO. I burnt myself out of MU online. I beat the PAINKILLER demo.

However, I am a really good at UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004. So much so that I have retired from Raven Shield forever.

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