Graveyard: Part One

Last saturday, when I went to the bar with my cousin - I saw a girl. I could swear at first glance that it was Madonna, and it made me nervous. I am not sure why. Same body, hair, skin color... She was dancing so I moved around the floor to get a better look.

Now, I was at HARLAN'S in Woodhaven, about a block or so away from her house. Normally I avoid this area like the plague... However I was with Donnie.

To make this unecessarily long story short - It wasn't her.

However, it did remind me of something. I don't think about her on an everyday basis as I used to. She basically pops into my head at random, or in regards to something else that connects her. I guess that is a good sign.

It also makes me wonder if I ever cross her mind. She knows about my page... she used to read what I was writing about her... which is odd because nothing I ever said made a difference. Why did she care? I wonder if she ever bothered to check up on me.

That's the funny thing about my journal, I suppose... Anyone could hop back into my life at any time if they so chose to.

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