I am wallflower that feels like an ash tray.

God I hate smoke. Bleh.

I just got back from going out with my cousin Donnie. We went to a local bar where I felt YOUNG. There was band and it was fairly boring. Someone we were with "had a line on some ass" so we left.

The next bar we went to had better scenery... Heh. My cousin insisted we go hook up with girls (he was drinking a bit). I was just really tired and bored at that point so I left.

Honestly, I'm 25 and I have absolutely no idea how to pick up women. Everything relationship-wise has been situational, and I am horribly shy. Confidence is not something that can really be taught to me I suppose... It wouldn't be me anyway so I would feel stupid. I would mutch rather be set up, or at least know of the person via someone else.

I don't know how to take that first step, so I would rather someone else do it for me. Once I have that "In" I'm comfortable, and I can be myself.

Some girl did grab my ass though.

You know, it's just not my scene. I don't drink (except my birthday) - and I have beat the club thing into the ground. When I do go it is to watch other people, or to drive. I can spend hours just people-watching. I would just rather not call attention to myself. I am that kind of person.

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