My Uncle

If you are going to press play - "Last Train Home" by Lost Prophets

My uncle Donnie was a good man. He was well loved and I will miss him very much... He has been an influence to me my whole life... From my interest in movies, as well as video games and countless others things... I hope that someday I can be half the man that he was.

There are so many things that I want to say here, but I cannot put them into words. Even if I could, in this case I think I should keep it to myself, in my heart.

I want to say thanks to a few people.

1. My family - We are so close, and in these times you can really see that. I tried to be there for everyone that I could, and thanks to those who were there for me.

2. My cousin Donnie - I am so proud of you for being so strong in all of this. It took a real man to handle it the way you did... And I know you will take care of your family now. I will always be just a phone call away.

3. Justin - We never really got along growing up... but what you said today at the funeral home was exactly what I would have had I been asked. Thank you for that. Donnie was a huge part in raising his nephews... and what do you know? - we all turned out pretty good.

3. The Bartons - thank you for bringing over all of that food for us. It is nice to know that my family has such great friends who are there to take care of us in our time of need. I don't know if you brought the cookies, but they are all gone now. :)

4. My friends - Ben, Meg, The Sunday Boys, Margarita, Kelly - Thank you for being there for me. You guys always are and I will never forget it.

5. Everyone Else - Thank you all so much for everything. Too many names to list here, but thank you all.

Lastly -

Uncle Donnie, we are all better to have known you, and the world has been a better place to have had you. I love you.

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