Gravity and Inertia

That is what I wanted to say in my last post... Gravity and inertia.

*spoiler warning* AGAIN

In that part where Edward Bloom first sees the love of his life... He talks about how everything stops... then he makes his way towards her with everything else frozen in time.

"What they don't tell you..." - Everything moves in fast forward again to catch up and he loses sight of her as she leaves.

I think this is a great metaphor.

Kelly and I had a wonderful vacation... we got to spend some time together and got to know eachother... It was as if time stopped and the rest of the world didn't matter... I mean... who would have thought.

Vacation ended. The gravity of the situation (like her boyfriend) caught up with us. Back to reality.

However, there is another law that I have been caught up in - Inertia (coincidentally my favorite word right now)... Once my heart is set into motion... it will continue to be in motion until acted upon by another force.

I just don't know what that will be.

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