The Butterfly Effect

I really liked this movie. It makes you think... Go see it. Amy Smart was impressive - anyone who can go for a greasy waitress, to a HOT sorority chick, to a scarred hooker, and back to a normal girl - that's impressive. Ashton Kutcher was really good in this movie - think Kelso meets christopher walken in THE DEAD ZONE.

Anyone ever hear the story... I forget the name of it, but a group of hunters go back in time to hunt dinosaurs... and when one keeps a butterfly on him - the future is trashed. Originally I thought that was what this movie would be about (I guess it can still apply on some level).

***UPDATE*** - Joe just informed me this was called "Sound of Thunder"

Even more so than the "A butterfly flapping it's wings one side of the world could cause a typhoon on the other" - from the chaos theory.

Does this really apply?

"I believe in the Bill & Ted theory of time"

Time is circular. Everything that has happened was meant to - and it brought us to this point. Even if you could go back in time - it would have already happened before you left. So the "leave your keys here to find them later" makes sense. It's linear.

I guess it doesn't make sense, without time having a definate beginning or end... What came first the chicken or the egg? Did Adam & Eve have belly buttons?

Being me - I apply this to my life... Everything that has happened to me has done so for a reason. Sure there have been times where I wish I could change something back in the past... However all of this has brought me to this point in my life. What I have learned, seen, and experienced- I wouldn't trade for anything.

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