A Much Needed Night Out

Tonight I went to BAHAMA BREEZE with Ben his gf Meg. We were supposed to go to the movies, but we decided to just get something to eat. I just want to say thanks for dinner, and humoring me all night.

Waitress: "Is this your first time here?"
John: "Yes, I am a Bahama Breeze virgin"
Waitress: "..."
John: "Be gentle"

I sat there rambling... and Ben said to me "I am glad we didn't go to the movies, because you just really need to talk" (or something like that) - and it hit me. Yeah I am not dealing with it... At work I just put on the happy facade and just looked straight ahead. I didn't think about my uncle all day.

I really need to just get some things out there... So thanks for listening...

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