The Rents!

1. THE RUNDOWN - I guess this was a good B movie. Christopher Walken played himself, the Rock was cool I guess, Stifler was disappointing, and the jury is still out on whether Rosario Dawson is hot or not. I'm just indecisive on it.

2. GOTHIKA - Suprisingly decent. Definately had my heart pounding at a few points (jump factor). If you put any thought into it you can pretty much figure out what is going on halfway through. Only complaint is lack of scary imagery. I mean, come on guys - THE RING has set the bar... catch up.

3. BEING JOHN MALKOVICH - Okay, this was recommended to me. Ummm this movie wasn't reallly good, wasn't really bad. Just completely fucked up. I know there were massive metaphors within the different relationships between the characters... something to do with puppets. However, they just tied my brain in a knot. There was one good line in the movie though.

John Cusack's character - "This is what someone in love looks like" (Or something like that)

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