Dawn of the Dead

When hell is full... The girl from "Go", the guy from "O", and Marcellus Wallace will walk the earth...

I was highly anticipating this movie. I have a serious penchant for zombie flicks... and this one delivered. It is definately the best zombie movie ever made. Honestly 28 DAYS LATER is a better movie IMHO... However, if you want to get technical... that was an epidemic movie.

I have seen the original NIGHT/DAWN/DAY of the dead movies, very recently. The remake of DAWN was by far the best (duh) although the zombies are FAST. It's a little different from the slow moving ones of the original trilogy. In 28 DAYS LATER it made sense (ummm well the most it could in a work of fiction) because they were basically people infected with a viral rage.

What is it about zombie movies? I dunno... maybe the looting scenes do it for me. I loved RESIDENT EVIL too (loved the games)... There must be some sort of deep metaphor that I haven't discovered.

Perhaps I feel like my coworkers are zombies, and I am fighting for survival in the sea of them. For the most part, they are slow moving, not to bright, unrelenting, and they seek to do nothing more than drag you down, devour your brain, and make you one of them.

Yeah, that's gotta be it. [x]

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