Monetary Crisis of Infinite Brontos

The only reason I work where I work is the money. Yeah, I know most people wouldn't hang out at their jobs for free. However, most people don't mind where they work. However, the ONLY reason I go to work is for money.

Some of my coworkers should be taken out of the genepool - period.

Since xmas vacation though, a once 6-day-a-week cashfest has turned into a "Call the hotline to see if you are working" 2 to 4 day-a-week part-time headache. For example, I am working tomorrow (Saturday of course) and that make 2 days this week. ONE last week (due to injury). I can't live like this. I live at home THANK GOD. My only real bills (that I have to pay) are my lease/insurance and cell phone bill.

However, if I don't work at least 3 or 4 days a week next week, I'm screwed. I will be able to pay my lease/insurance, but have no money to live on.


Screw that noise. I should have filed for unemployment back over break. You want to pay me to sit at home and play LINEAGE II? FINE! However, I have found that when other people have filed their days on have gone from 2-3 to 4-5 a week.

That, or I want to find another job. I guess that one of the things keeping me from doing so in the past was how much money I made at TAG. However, that isn't an issue anymore. I mean, it's almost APRIL for fuck's sake, and I am beginning to think the bubble has burst.

I have become adjusted to living on less money (and diet pop... besides the point) and an hourly job would get me out of the house and put some more money in my pocket. Getting away from my coworkers is a privy I would definately pay for.

That, and there are no chicks at work.

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