Giving credit where credit is due.

Well, my old quake 3 clan, smack that ass ]sTa[, just celebrated it's 4th birthday. I haven't been an active member for a few years... But I was a huge part of creating it. I had started Halo 7 [h7] (#1 on the clq ladder in Q2 dm, part of the Halo Empire), which became ]sTa[ in Quake 3.

Now, the clan is 100% German now, but used to be comprised of 50% Americans. I pop in on the site for a while, translate it and check up on it every once and a while.

So, they have this 4 year review on their page and LEFT ME OUT. They mentioned the other 2 founding members (udied and zero - where are you guys?) somehow forgot about me.

Now, if I remember correctly I was the one who talked those guys into merging with us. There wouldn't even BE an ]sTa[ these days if I hadn't brought them in back then.

Anyway, you can read it at the ]sTa[ page. Translate with babelfish.

Guess I am going to have to dust off and install Quake III... get a rocket launcher and school those suckas until they remember their roots.

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