This is a few days late.

1. My shitty night out in Ann Arbor - I agreed to go out with Nykanen to Ann Arbor with a "friend" of his and some of that friend's friends. Now - I have spent YEARS trying to blend in. That is why I got into sports, etc. Kind of being a jack-of-all-trades socialite. My personality and interests overlap different types of people... Frat/Bar/Goth/Geek... and at work... TRASH. You learn enough to get by - to not be labeled as "different". I am the kind of person who doesn't like to call attention to themselves.

Anyway one group that I learned that night that I CANNOT blend in with - Hippies. Ann Arborites who are environmentally friendly, tofu eating, second hand clothes wearing, above everything else FASCISTS. I was dressed CASUALLY and I felt OVERDRESSED. Why did this suck? Well basically I had nothing in common with the group except knowing Nykanen. Compound this with the fact that I am the DD and NOT drinking. I am just sitting there, and at one point I thought my brain was going to fall out of my head.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am a fairly easy-going guy. I'm all about the peace and love. I am really smoothe until you rub me the wrong way. I got some serious cuts from these people's abrasive personalities.

Here's the thing - and this applies to all the Hippies, G's, Punks, Goths and whatever. You want to be different? COOL - be different. However, no one is going to take you seriously if you look or act like a fucking joke. If you are over the age of 18 and wearing GARBAGE or strappy pants - GROW THE FUCK UP. Jesus fucking Christ - I hate feeling out of place when I'm NORMAL.

You know, I am the hopeless romantic/poetic kind of person. I try to see the best in people and really make an honest effort to not judge people on first impressions. I have hope for the world.

But I don't go broadcasting it by wearing all black and not showering.

I walk by HOT TOPIC and see attractive girls who would be hot if they didn't look like shit. Take the lip and eye piercings out. Take a bath.

2. Joining FIGHT CLUB - ahhh... that felt good. Well, after a year or so of not taking part (I will admit to a tiny bit of naysaying) I have joined FIGHT CLUB. Basically it is Joe and Co. doing some martial arts/fighting stuff. It wasn't that I really had anything against it, I had felt as though it wasn't for me. I was wrong. It's fun and it's free exercise. That, and it gets me out of the house... and I learn how to choke people.

Look - I'm a pacifist. I love killing people online (heh) but I don't like to see people suffer or be hurt. Also - this gives leave for people to mess with me. I have been picked on my whole life for being quiet and soft spoken. I have a passive personality and people take advantage of that. However, the thought of being able to choke this shit out of people who do so has helped me greatly.

3. My recently developed crack habit - Lineage 2 - I have started playing the beta for Lineage 2. It's a fun game, and was only 5 bucks to play (if you preorder the game you automatically get into the beta.) Just like SWG and FFXI - it's a timesink. You dump hours in, your guy gets better stuff... etc. I think I just reached the plateau in the game. So I may take some time off until retail comes out. I would rather get out of the house more anyway.

3. Underworld - Whoops, that shoulda been 4. Basically UNDERWORLD has reclaimed my "favorite band" spot. The deftones had it for a while.

The music I listen to is a direct reflection of my life and state of mind. I don't have the hate and rage that I used to anymore. I love the reflective peacefulness of UNDERWORLD. And - it's really the only thing that saved my night out last Saturday from being a total disaster... someone putting "Born Slippy" on the jukebox (which was immediately naysayed.)

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