You'll never see this rose that I am holding for you
so beautifully oblivious

Today, we sold the Diablo 2 account on ebay. It went for $192.55, which Nykanen and I are going to split.

So, between that and the $100 or so I am getting for my old computer parts, my upgrades are going to run $100 out-of-pocket.

What am I getting? 1.4ghz Athlon XP processor, 256mb of DDR 2100 ram, and a new case. I know, I know, I upgraded about 6 months ago to what I have now... I just want something faster to last me for another year or so. Also, I have always wanted an AMD athlon.


It has actually been pretty warm here for January. Working outside isn't really that bad, as long as you dress for it. I do. "Johnny Bundles" is what they call me at work.

Speaking of which... Sometimes I feel as though I have less and less in common with everyone at work, every day.

They just live a totally different lifestyle than I do. I am not going to say better or worse... Just different, and I find it hard to relate sometimes. I feel out of place.

Have I been that sheltered?

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