[x]the claustro/xeno/hydro phobia cruise.

About a month ago I won a 5 day cruise (Carnival) from the pirates dinner adventure dinner show. Which is cool and all because I wasn't really trying to win. Sounds good, right? Sure it does! 6 day vacation! I will be going from September 18th to the 22nd.

Except for the overlapping phobias...

1. I am pretty hydrophobic (the ocean/drowning and sharks scare me) so the thought of being out on a boat for the better part of 5 days makes me nervous.

2. I am also somewhat xenophobic (foreign countries scare me) - the cruise goes to Cozumel, Mexico. I just watched THE RUINS last night and guess what? We are going to do the Mayan ruin excursion. No me gusta!

3. I am claustrophobic (small spaces scare me) and the room looks to be the size of a closet. Confined space that I get to share this with my ex as well. Fun!

Nervous breakdown, here I come!

They might as well said "Get in your coffin that we filled with spiders and sharks that we are shipping to Mexico via submarine!" w00t!

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