[x]Cruise I - poetry.

we begin and end in the familiar
with you when you leave
i send my heart home with you
to keep it away
safe and detached
the only way i'll make it here
is if i do not need it

you could never
leave me to my ignorance
and i'm sorry
that i can't make you understand
the scope of my bliss
and how huge it was
to find myself redeemed in you

my heart
wrapped in thorns
please know
that i can't help resentment
if you poke your finger
when you utterly expose
prodding the very weakness in me

as we lie exhaled
reality suspends
as the rules are set
we feign gravity
and tell ourselves
we are beyond

this role reversal
brooding calculation
and chaotic torrent
this exercise in restraint
merely a facade of our limits
a need to know basis
how weak
how strong
that i have become

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