new muse, new siren
one in the same
as i hesitate to being withdrawn
to being scorned?
knowing the only place that i could hide
drowning underwater

this empty civility
the dust all settled
my blood is down now
either of us -
we are not alive without fire
and the strife sustaining us

i am the soul you value most
and when i leave
your audience is nothing but nameless faces
so tell me
how is your generic adoration suiting you?

biding our time
tell me, atlas
what happens
these three conversations
become one-
where will we go from there?

fleeting temptation
and in my arrogance
moments like these
i feel like i could grab fire
give me something i can grab
-it's the only way i'll hold on

our eyes mirrors
and this is so unfair
i can't see into yours
while knowing you see through me
stricken and smitten
calling all of my bluffs
yet here i am
staving off resentment and protest
when i've already tipped my hand

my piety
is realized justification
because i know how i feel
and if you won't forgive me
then i will just forgive myself
and leave you as you left me
to your own devices

don't look at me like that
you'll say
because you see the cracks in my armor
and i see them in yours
we are fragile souls
hinging our our belief
that we are made of sterner things

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