[x]Oh, how fickle - my finger over the delete key (and the promised fireflykea).

I deleted 4 people from my phone yesterday. Now, I have a bad habit of doing so on a whim - which sucks a few months down the road I guess.


Ikea! - 4th of July weekend I bought a bunch of stuff at the ikea store in Canton. For the first time in my life I have furniture that matches. The place is insane and very maze-like. I need to buy a bed frame when I have the money for it, but I will probably buy more than that (damn impulse buys).

Firefly - A few months ago I picked up SERENITY at the video store and loved it. LOVED IT. So a few weeks ago I bought the FIREFLY series on dvd (also bought SERENITY). The show is one of the best I have seen... very smart. I spent my vacation assembling swedish furniture and watching the complete series. Which completely bummed me out when it was over.

Highly recommended - Start with the movie, if you like that then you will also enjoy the series... Even though SERENITY takes place after the FIREFLY series ends - it's a nice anchor to bring it all together.

Yes, and I am now in love with Morena Baccarin, who plays Inara on the show.

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