You live, you learn.

This morning my boss called me at 6:30am. I saw who it was and let the phone ring, hoping he would leave a voicemail. Now, I NEVER get saturdays off... However it's still slow at work, and we have to call every day to see if we are working the following day.

I wasn't on the list, but I had to double check. I called it again and sure enough my name was no where to be found. I thought it had to be some kind of emergency (nyko bleeding on pavement, etc.)... So like an idiot I call back.

T: Hello?
Bronto: Heya T, you called?
T: Yeah, you want to work today?
Bronto: *pause*
Bronto: *pause*
Bronto: Ummmm... no?
T: Okay. Cya.

Great. Now I look like I don't want to work. Next time I am just going to let the phone ring. It's SATURDAY, I was out late last night watching the UFC. This morning I made plans to go see HELLBOY.

Above all of that though, my niece Ariel is in the hospital again. So, I am on call. I am not sure 100% of what is going on, however I know she was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance yesterday. I hope and pray she will be alright. I love you sweetie.


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