Not much going on today. I saw BLADE 2 - and it was a good movie. I think the only problem with it is the fact that perhaps I set my expectations too high. I loved BLADE so much. I think what detracted from the second movie (Which, probably overall was better) - was the lack of a defined villain. I mean, the bad guy(s) were cool... but Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff) from the first movie was sweet. There were some great moments in the sequel, however. I really like the point in movies where the heroes are surrounded, outmanned, and running out of bullets. The "Were fucked" moments. There was a great one in this movie.

I would give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Definately an owner. The soundtrack, while looking good on paper... wasn't really that great in the movie. It fit I suppose, but not as well as the "Confusion" remix in the first one. They play that song at SPACE, and I love it.


Jaws died. R.I.P. Jaws - 2002 to... ummm 2002. *Toilet flushing*


Isn't is supposed to be spring? It was quite cold today.


Tomorrow I have to work. After that I have nothing to do... I guess I could clean my room (laundry)... Finish the Sandman graphic novels... Maybe work on my site a bit. I added the star last night... I have always had a fascination with the soviet red star. That kind of gothic look to it. I couldn't find a good one on the net to work with in photoshop, so I created my own. Didn't turn out that bad. I just wanted something to symbolize "Revolt".

Margarita is going up north this weekend. I was looking forward to seeing her, but perhaps I should take some time away from her. The puzzle about her has been solved. She, as her name predicts, is simply and utterly intoxicating. I get lost in her. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you. But, I cannot be with her, so I must focus my efforts elsewhere.

To whom? She was pretty much it. I have no more "Active" girls on the list. It is unfortunate... as of my bewildered state... my current fascination with the female species. Amazed am I with women I see. Oh well, my time will come. Hopefully sooner than later. I just need to go out and meet more people. Well. First things first. I need to get out of here more.

So come find me.


I got a new phone the other day.
My old phone overheated too much, and this one is working out fine.

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