Just got home. I had a pretty good time.

First, I went to the Galactic Dust SHAREWAREZ release party. I met empyre, and finally got to see PON. I was disheartened to find that my friend Jamie Foster was no longer in the band, but I stayed for the set. I must admit, I was impressed. I left soon afterwards.

Second, my "little brother" noel turned 21 tonight, so I met him at Dunleavy's in Allen Park. Everyone (well almost) was there. Paul, Rachel, Nick McTurner... It was nice to catch up. Didn't take long at all for me to readjust to that group. I was also introduced to Noel's girlfriend Emily. She is very nice, pretty, and great for Noel. Good for Noel, I am happy for him.

Noelie got pretty smashed. The shot I bought him didn't help I am sure. He was staggering by the time I left. Heh. Can only imagine how he feels at this particular moment.

I had a great time. Now noel can go to the real clubs. We can have some real fun. Looking forward to hanging out with my bro.

Keep it coming I'm going all the way
Keep it coming I'm going all the way
Just give me half a chance
From throwing it all away

Stone Temple Pilots "Glide" - Track 8 on No. 4

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