God bless hip hugger jeans. Wait.


It has been a rough week. I cannot seem to shake this sickness. My voice has returned, well most of the time. I got sick last night... When I was out with Ann Marie.

How embarrassing.

I am sure my recent change in diet doesn't help - I think my body is revolting against me.

I have given up fast food... Yeah yeah I know I have said this before. I just hate getting off of work and saying to myself "What am I going to eat?" and just going to Weny's or something. I am all fast-fooded out. I don't feel healthy... And it is expensive. I have also given up going out to breakfast... Also saving some cash... I just eat CRISPIX instead. Cereal is good, and good for you.

Just not satisfied with how I look. I lost a ton of weight last summer... then it stablilized and I have not been able to lose any more. Then again, I have not changed my diet until now.

Also. The nectar of the gods - Pop. I tried giving that up... Lasted the past three days until my withdrawel ended up giving me a pounding headache. I think I am just too addicted to caffeine to go without.

So, I cracked today and bought a pepsi on the way home from work... By the time I got home my head had cleared. So, I am just going to try and cut down.

It sucks.


Well, I have gotten my money situation finally under control. I have drawn up a plan of how much money I make, and what bills I have to pay. Being organized is going to help me pay off my damn credit card bills. It is just a simple text file... Nothing too dramatic.

Damn tickets are killing me.


Oh yes, the fish. I bought some fish last Sunday - A balla shark, and a reed fish (looks like an eel)... Jaws and Toma respectively. (Toma, short for Tomagotchi, which still hurts when I think of how attached I was to mine and it DIED)... But just like any other toy, my interest has slightly waned, and they will be moved out of my room into the living room soon. Fish smell like fish.


Everyone tells me to stop looking for a girlfriend. "The moment you stop looking..." blah. Things have not changed with Margarita. What is going on with her, anyhow? What is going on between us?

Well, I still need someone to go out with. I would like to go to the club tonight... but I have no one to go with. I will not go alone... and I have to work tomorrow... ick.


Some weird things have been happening lately. For one, my mind drifts back to Madonna at random. Second, I had a dream that my parents died... I still feel off balance about things. I would write more, but it just seems as though I am rehashing everything. Over and over again.

I just need to win the lotto tonight. "If I won the lotto, you would never see me again" - What I said at work today. Probably true.

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