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  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    You are a complete hypocrite.
    First of all you slept with Margaritta, when she was ingaged?

    You told me about 2months ago that you thought about suicide. where do you get off saying that I am weak.

    I have lived on my own since i was 22.
    I work full time and make $21dollars and hour. I go to school full time.

    I take care of my parents and friends. I remember important things you liked.

    You are arrogant and only write on this page to make yourself feel bigger. you want me to look like the bad guy.

    i know that i am not perfect and i never said i was. you ignored me and you yourself said you took me for granted.

    I have always been and honest with you. but you are not honest with yourself you think you are perfect.

    drag me threw the mud. I dont care.
    I tried to hurt myself because I wanted to get you attention. that was stupid of me.

    go back to margaritta and what every woman you need around you to feed you writting and give you the sorrow you need to write.

    I tried, but once you shut down and started to ignore me I shut down too.

    you are vindictive and you are turning this all around to be on me. i am not perfect. you laugh at me when i tried to express myself.

    Jessica Murray
    know this you hurt me just as much as you hurt me. stop thinking that you are the best thing on this planet. you hurt me and I allowed it. Dont foret to spell check this.