[x]lack thereof.

This last week has been another lull. I'm not in pain, I'm not really hurting at all. So I have been wondering what is wrong with me. I don't miss her, nor do I regret anything I have said or done (or didn't do FFS). The only thing that really vexes me is how much farther I could have taken it... In regards to what was said, I could have been MUCH worse on her and I think she knows it. Oh well, even through the restraint it was sufficient.

I'm not sad by any stretch of the imagination - I am just indifferent.

It's more like there is a part of me missing... I feel like I just made a long-term investment/deposit into a bank and the next day it closed. Or maybe I bought an ice cream cone and dropped it on the ground. No refunds. Which is funny because there is nothing to salvage, there is nothing to get back.

There is no sense in looking back. Ever. Which leaves me no choice but to look ahead. She Wants Revenge is on Thursday, Age of Conan just came out, I have all kinds of season finales to look forward to. Plenty of things to distract me I suppose until I get my head back in the game.

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