[x]To me, from the past.

When I went to my reunion last night, I was handed my "Time Capsule" that I put together my senior year. I had completely forgotten about it. These were the contents:

1. My senior pictures - man was I skinny.
2. A few MAGIC cards, and a heresy card
3. An INQUEST magazine picture of a vampire eating a dove
4. 5 baseball rookie cards - none of which turned out to be stars (damn)
5. A flyer for 20 Mine playing at "The Zone" - Zac's band
6. A flyer for MY BOY OTTO playing at HUNKA PALUNKA - my band in high school.
7. 2 Pictures from my senior prom - Melissa and I
8. A picture from the 1994 Easter Michigan summer institute - 3 roomates + me
9. A picture of Christy Hall on the steps at my house in River Rouge
10. A jaguar journal - school paper with senior wills

John Lipscomb wills Jamie - Kindred, easy classes, leftover assignments, a car. Mike - slurpees (hitting a car at 7-11), mutual, c/show, bashing, Hootie, MBO, Camp. Jimmy - Detroit, Eazy-E (**** my baby's mama), who dat, ronald's room. Nick - clockwork orange, hotNnow, Foodland, Paul - Barton labatt, ooooooh Charlie. Noel - spring break girls. Bill - Meijers, MBO, Beohs, Dave T. - malls, track, redheads. Jamie F. -Tom- nice people blow. Steve -newt, ch.1, republicans. Senior girls (w/exceptions): my body. Melissa - Chuck E Cheese, Pez. Doug - Chemistry, Autos. Candice-Missy - whiteboys, Buick's, taco bell. Tim - Ginapolis, christened Hooters, Rudy. Beth- Solitaire, Jeremy-Zac- the hill, the zone. Bratten-Lee- Dukes of Hazzard.

... whatever that all means.

I kind of thumbed through it all there, but when I opened it at home I discovered this gem...

11. A handwritten note from myself in 1996 to myself in 2006.

SHELLY LOGSDON is the hottest girl in your school.

My Boy Otto logo 5-30-96

Your football team went to the silverdome.

Dear John (Mr. Lipscomb)

Well, if you're not dead, it should be 2006. Right now you were 17 years old, just finished high school. You are single as usual. Your best friends are Dave Trionfi, Mike Gillespie, and Paul Barton. You hang out with Nick McTurner.

You work at Foodland in the produce section. You move out at teh end of August to go to EMU. You have been in love with Melissa Magusin all year but she had to be a beooh (beyotch) and ditch you at prom. You at this time can not go a day without thinking about Christy Hall or the summer institute in 1994. Your favorite band is THE SMASHING PUMPKINS, and favorite song is "I hate it too" by HUM. John please don't have screwed up your life. You should be a teacher by now. Hopefully married with a kid or two. Say hi to your wife for me. You are a chronic shoplifter.

Right now you are so filled with pain and lonliness it fucking sucks. You are now learning from your mistakes - SO DON'T MAKE THEM AGAIN! Maybe now you will think love doesn't suck. You won't want to be a vampire anymore.

Right now you are sitting in the kitchen with an EMU hat on and a "Zero" t-shirt on. Just for my sanity remember who you were.

To the future,

John K. Lipscomb II

p.s. you were a virgin when you wrote this HAHA

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