[x]10 year re-disillusion.

Well, today is my 10 year high school reunion... I'm not sure I could be less excited. I really don't feel like going at all, let alone dressing up and driving all the way down there.

I just don't care.

The only reason I am going is because this is one of those "Once in a lifetime" things. Would really hate to regret not going *rolls eyes*

There isn't anyone I'm dying to see. Hell, I don't even know 95% of the people on the list who are going. I only went there for 2 years, and coupled with the out of sight out of mind way I live my life - it will just be a bunch of strangers pretty much.

My "best friends" from high school I haven't talked to pretty much since graduation. I didn't grow up in the city - so I don't have those long ties with anyone. Few are the friends I have that are actually FROM Allen Park these days, and the vast majority of those are in another graduation year.

The 4 or 5 people I actually see from time to time will be there. Sweet.

All this is going to be is a just a measuring stick. How awesome is my life vs. everyone else? How much money do I make, what do I drive.

That used to bother me. I used to feel like I failed in the standards everyone else seemed to set for me. That did nothing but bring me down for a very long time.

I'm beyond all of that now. I'm not going to let some city or someone define who I am, who I was, or who I should be. Honestly if any of them let anyone do that I feel sorry for them. Because that's really pathetic.


It's all going to be fake. Everyone make sure you dress up in your best masks. Hopefully I won't be on the only one that has thrown mine away.

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